Help-U-$ave Real Estate, Inc. Las Vegas, NV
Help-U-$ave Real Estate, Inc.Las Vegas, NV

Here are few ways to better ensure a faster sale of your home…

1. Hire a Professional such as HELP-U-$AVE Real Estate Inc. This is no time to be navigating the rough waters of the real estate market on your own. You want someone who can help you accurately price your home, bring in potential buyers, handle contracts, and market your home to the masses.

2. Full Disclosure. Are you selling because your current home needs more work than you can handle? Are there infestation problems you’d rather not talk about? You must disclose all of these facts to potential buyers. If a buyer finds out after the fact that you withheld information you could be in more trouble than it is worth. Your HELP-U-$AVE Real Estate agent will encourage full disclosure. In Nevada, it’s the law.

3. Be Realistic about Pricing. It is much wiser to price a home correctly from the start of the selling process than to have an overpriced home sit on the market for months only to have to do a price reduction later. You will get much more traffic on a well-priced, newly listed home.

4. Detach Emotions. This is a business transaction. Sentimental value does not add to the monetary value of a home. Although you see the memories and work you have put into a property not every buyer will recognize this. This kind of attachment will make it harder for you to make smart and timely decisions about offers.

5. Be Informed. Yes, you’ve hired HELP-U-$AVE Real Estate Inc to handle the legwork and legality of your sale, but you’ll rest much easier at night if you understand the process. Be sure to have regular conversations with your agent. We will endeavor to keep you in the loop. Read what our past clients have had to say about this.

6. Staging, Staging, Staging! This is a perfect way to help buyers see the true potential of each room. This may mean toning down your own personal style and packing away clutter and extraneous decor.

7. Get Out of the Way. Don’t hover. After all this effort getting a home ready for the market sellers might want to hang out during an open house. Resist the urge. This makes it very uncomfortable for buyers. So, during showings of any kind, be sure to make yourself scarce. Allow HELP-U-$AVE Real Estate Inc., to do what you entrusted us to do; sell your home.

8. Be Flexible. It’s no secret that today’s market can be challenging for many sellers. Some markets have seen sharp price declines and shallow buyer pools. This means you need to be flexible on both price and terms. Give and take is the key to negotiation. When selling your home you must be willing to negotiate.

9. Be Positive. Focus on the good in today’s market. Pull your attention to the feedback you get from your HELP-U-$AVE Real Estate agent and prospective buyers. Don’t get discouraged. Buyers are out there!

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